Thursday, 11 March 2010

OnLive Launching In The US This Summer

OnLive’s COO Mike McGarvey has announced the release on PC and Mac in the US of the much anticipated game streaming service for June 17th and will be backed up initially by Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, THQ and Warner Bros. For $14.95 a month, users will be able to buy or rent PC titles via direct streaming. McGarvey commented:
"Individual titles will be available for purchase or rental on an a la carte basis. Specific game pricing, including rentals,purchases and loyalty programs, will be announced prior to the consumer launch event at E3. We’ll also be announcing additional loyalty and discount programs for consumers in the coming months."
More details are to be expected in E3 with a possible announcement of the “console” unit that would allow users to play on their TV streamed games. McGarvey added:
"For the initial roll-out of the consumer service, we are focusing on delivering high-performance games to PCs and Macs and we will be making an announcement regarding our plans for the MicroConsole roll-out later on in the year."
Truth is that major publishers are backing OnLive which might mean that it really does work. As McGarvey himself commented:
"We’re very pleased with the degree of publisher support received to date and have seen a rise in publisher interest in the OnLive Game Service as their focus begins shifting dramatically toward digital distribution."
No European release date yet, though McGarvey said that later announcements this year will tell. Maybe this thing is for real!

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