Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Online Bookie Taking Bets On Next Console Lock-Down

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The betting company Paddy Power is allowing betters to place bets on which games console will have a lock-down similar to the likes of the PS3’s recent incident. Here's what the bookie says:
“PS3 has recently earned the unfortunate reputation of being the Toyota of the games console industry and is the bookies favourite to be next for a repeat performance of yesterday’s calamity."

“The trouble shooters in Sony must be wondering what can possibly go wrong next with the PS3,” it added. “But that said we reckon it’s a safe bet that it will easily outsell the Xbox again this year.”
Although it is understood that PS3 gamers were unable to play their games (online or offline) for one day it certainly has raised the possibility of a repeat occurrence sometime in the future. Surely we can forgive Sony for one day’s lack of gaming, especially as PlayStation Network is still free.

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