Friday, 19 March 2010

No Real-Time Multiplayer On Windows Phone 7 Series

More details have been released on the Windows Phone 7 Series at Microsoft's MIX conference this week which is getting developers and consumers alike quite excited however, a less brilliant prospect has been revealed – there will not be real time multiplayer on the phones. So basically no death matches or anything like that.

According to IGN Wireless, this is partly because Microsoft is very keen to encourage developers to focus on games that will run cross platform (mobile, Xbox 360 and PC). MS are also concerned about network stability for real time multiplayer gaming as well as battery life on the hand sets.

This poses a danger for MS as their competitors (in the hand held console realm) are already hosting real time multiplayer games and are of an increasing number. Having said that, don’t dismiss the turn based gaming just yet; we shouldn’t need to remind you of the hugely prevalent social gaming domain.

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