Tuesday, 16 March 2010

No Downloadable Content Planned For Metro 2033

Wanting some downloadable content to accompany Metro 2033 post-purchase? Well don't hold your breath as THQ’s Huw Beynon has revealed there are currently no plans for DLC at this time:
“We’ve not even talked about story-based DLC. [Metro 2033's] a self-contained story, it comes to a definite end when you finish the game. I think that’s really important, that if you play through to the end you get a proper closure on the story."

“We’ll wait and see what the reception is, what gamers want. Then, again, [any DLC] has got to be viable and a good use of their time to put it out there, and something that actually adds to the gaming.”
Wait and see. If the game sells, they'll make some to sell you. If it doesn't, well you probably won't want any anyway.

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