Tuesday, 23 March 2010

New Character Coming To Mass Effect 2

There will be a new character joining Shepard’s team (if you pay for them) next month.

Kasumi Goto, "the galaxy's most enigmatic and cunning master thief” is due next month in the 'Kasumi - Stolen Memory PDLC pack'. The P indicating that it is paid-for content. She will be available for 560 Microsoft points on Xbox 360 or on PC for 560 "BioWare points", $7 (around £4). Aaryn Flynn, Studio General Manager for BioWare in Edmonton commented:
"Kasumi - Stolen Memory is a testament to our promise to continue to provide fans with new, compelling, high quality post-launch content."
Before Kasumi arrives players can enjoy other Mass Effect 2 content on March 23rd. The Firewalker DLC pack, available through the Cerberus Network, includes five missions which will take you to five uncharted worlds plus players can get their hands on the Hammerhead hover-tank.

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