Monday, 1 March 2010

Nearly 1 In 10 Gamers Have An Addiction

A new report by Australian researchers has ‘concluded’ that 8% of gamers have an unhealthy relationship with the pastime.

A team at the Psychological Medicine Department of Nepean Hospital in Sydney concocted a survey involving almost 2,000 gamers (14yrs +) and they found that 156 of them exhibited traits synonymous with addiction.

Such indicators used to identify addiction were gamers admitting that they play longer than intended to, or played games “despite knowing one should not do it".

What is surprising within these findings is that young, single males were no more predisposed to an addiction than women, the middle-aged or married individuals.

Under a quarter had admitted that uncontrollable gaming was causing them financial problems and half had apparently attempted to limit their playing time, unsuccessfully. Three quarters of the group said that their sleep and productivity had suffered.

These are the indicators which the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry published:
- Recurrent thoughts and urges about playing
- Restlessness and irritability when not playing
- Repeated unsuccessful attempts to cut back
- Studies or work negatively affected
- Problems in "significant relationships"
- Giving up other social activities
- Sore eyes, back pain, strain injuries
- Sleep loss, weight gains or losses of 5kg
Any of these ring home for you? Do us a favour, make sure you get regular fresh air and exercise; we don’t want our lovely readers turning into unhealthy addicts.

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