Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Miyamoto Nominated For Spanish Award

Not the first and probably not the last, Iconic figure of Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto, has been nominated for the Spanish Prince of Asturias Award. Gamelab director (who host the awards) Ivan Fernandez-Lobo has commented:
"The greatest figure from a brilliant generation of interactive creative talent, who conceives of video games as a new medium, one that is able to join people around a shared experience, regardless of their age, sex, social group or culture."

"Thanks to his influence, when you talk about video games today you're talking about global communication, about a powerful and democratic way of expression; there´s no contradiction with the existing ones, which are just absorbed and improved on through the language of interaction."
The award has been presented in the past to famed individuals such as Bob Dylan, Bill Gates and Lance Armstrong and the event is also attended by the Prince and Queen of Spain. Sounds like a very significant award if you ask me but I’m sure Mr. Miyamoto will be down to earth as always (if my friend’s opinions of when he interviewed him recently are anything to go by).

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