Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Microsoft's Answer To The iPad

We don’t care that this isn’t really games news; this device looks cool and we are very impressed with the new video demonstration.

Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPad is the Courier tablet computer which true to its name will apparently function much like a digital journal and before you get any misconceptions in your head, check these videos out, we guarantee you’ll be quite impressed.

It provides all the basic functions one would need to stay organised but makes the whole process more efficient, creative, fun and generally easier. Of course, users can access the web and integrate it fully with creating documents on the device such as print screening and cutting and pasting. However, rather than the using the mechanics we’re used to with Windows, this device uses the Tegra 2 operating system (which is used on the Zune HD) and there has clearly been some solid thinking on the interaction with the device as actions and general formation of documents appear rather seamless.

The Courier device opens like a book and houses two screens , about 5x7 in size (that’s the approximation for the Courier’s length and width) and is less than an inch thick. You can interact using touch or with a stylus and the video demonstration promises clever handwriting recognition. The Courier will also have a built in camera as well as a headphone jack.

You will need to wait till Q3/Q4 for any pricing details; at least those are the periods that have been hinted at. As for relating to games? Well we see no reason why Microsoft and other 3rd party developers won’t be keen to work with it. And we can’t imagine MS not wanting to rival Apple in every way possible. Here’s hoping for less harsh pricing than Apple’s iPad.

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