Monday, 1 March 2010

Levine: "New Motion Controllers Are A Reaction To The Wii"

Irrational’s Ken Levine must have been researching in the department of the bleedin' obvious as he's recently commented on new motion control devices being 'a reaction' to the Wii:
“I think the motion controllers are a bit of a reaction to the Wii, and I think the question is for the guys making those – and there’s some very talented people working on those and there’s some very impressive pieces of hardware – [is] it’s gonna be about the software and can people figure out the experience that people have to have."

“[Wii Bowling] wasn’t about going up and doing back flips in front of your TV. It was something that was very simple, not embarrassing, and people already have that sense of performance when they bowl."

“That’s not the future. But I think it’s all about figuring out that software, and is there going to be another zillion-dollar idea like Wii bowling or different idea than Wii bowling?”

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