Thursday, 4 March 2010

Japanese Games Programmers Complain About Low Salaries

In a poll translated by CNNGo, many games programmers were interviewed about their salary and the results weren’t all happy.

For what it says in the paper, the average wage for a game programmer is ¥130,000 (1071.19 Eur - $1,460) which isn’t that much if what they say about the price of living in Japan is half true. One of the answers in the poll said:
"Salary varies from individual to individual so it's hard to say, but speaking about the industry as a whole you can definitely say 'low enough to make people regret dedicating themselves to games.' A precious few blessed with talent can earn a living wage. And an even more precious few who get lucky can make more than a living wage."
Wouldn’t hurt anyone to get these guys some extra earnings… for the sake of all of us.

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