Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Halo: Reach Down For September Release

Halo Reach Screenshot Halo Reach Screenshot Halo Reach Screenshot

UK retail sources have informed CVG that the much anticipated final instalment of the Halo franchise - Halo: Reach, will arrive in September. Microsoft has the date Tuesday, September 14th pencilled in for worldwide release.

This is presumed to be two months prior to the release of Activision’s Call of Duty 7. One senior trade source said:
"It gives Halo enough time to maximise sales before CoD arrives."

"Xbox 360 is pretty synonymous with Call of Duty, so it makes commercial sense for Microsoft and Activision to agree both games won't come out too close to one another."
Of course fans will be able to taste the fruits of Bungie’s awesome Halo culminations as early as May 3rd via Multiplayer Beta (providing you own Halo: ODST). Bungie have said that the gameplay on offer in the Beta has 'never been seen before’. Microsoft has unsurprisingly denied a release date for Halo: Reach has been confirmed, a spokesperson commented:
"I can confirm that nothing has been announced around a release date for Halo: Reach."

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