Tuesday, 23 March 2010

GOG Believes OnLive Will Struggle To Convince Gamers

Good Old Games public relations man Lukasz Kukawski has expressed in an interview his doubts about the new Cloud gaming service due for the US this summer.

Though he made clear that the prospect is interesting, to say the least, he pinpointed some of the doubts all gamers are thinking:
"It's still too early to say how successful this technology will become. Not every gamer possesses the required internet connection to properly enjoy the streaming experience. Besides - even if one has a fast connection - games are more and more demanding in terms of data size and it would be hard to imagine people spending a few minutes streaming some content, while a retail copy would have taken a few seconds to load."
He commented also that it is, after all, a sort of DRM system of Which GOG have already stated their dislike of, and that they won’t do that “disservice” to gamers:
"The concept of cloud-gaming does not fit our DRM-free policy, as being obliged to have a permanent access to the Internet is already some kind of DRM as such. Ease of use is one of our obsessions at GOG and this is why our titles can be downloaded and played anytime and anywhere, without any need to have access to the Internet to install and play the game."
OnLive will clearly have to show what makes their service a payable option.

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