Tuesday, 2 March 2010

God Of War III Nudity Almost Cut From Final Game

God Of War III Screenshot God Of War III Screenshot God Of War III Screenshot

The director on God of War III, Stig Asmussen, has revealed the developer had contemplated taking out the nudity present in the game:
"It was more a debate between me and several of the story writers. I was like, 'I'd rather not have it in there at all.'”

"We make it more than it's been in the past, but we also give it more of a purpose. It's not just you going in there, finding some corner and having sex with somebody. It's something that guides you through the story. You get information and more than just a fluff moment."
It would feel strange now if there wasn’t any nudity in the upcoming God of War title but admittedly, with or without nudity the game will probably still be as good as the previous entries in the franchise.

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