Wednesday, 17 March 2010

God Of War III Launch Suffers From PS3 Shortages

God Of War III Screenshot God Of War III Screenshot God Of War III Screenshot

God of War III launched over in the US and Canada yesterday but its release has been marred by a PlayStation 3 console shortage.

Best Buy, GameStop, and Target stores in West Hollywood are just some of the stores that are out of stock of the consoles, some stores haven’t had PS3’s for weeks now.

Even Wal-Mart online and were also reported to be sold out.

Obviously a bad situation regardless but God of War III is expected to be a system seller and Sony is going to lose out with this one. Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) president Jack Tretton commented:
"It's not ideal, I won't kid you. But I firmly believe we'll get our hardware back in stock and keep selling God of War III for a long time."

"We ultimately don't make investments on a product-by-product or month-by-month basis, but rather we invest in our platform. This game will pay off for us with the people who own a PlayStation 3 and the ones who will buy one in the future."
The first two titles on the PS2 sold eight million copies.

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