Wednesday, 17 March 2010

GDC 2010 Gets Record Attendance

This year’s GDC has been full of interesting keynotes from the most important heads in the industry like Sid Meier (if you get a chance to see his keynote, do). Also, Sony officially announced the PlayStation Move motion controller and its “sub controller”.

Now that it’s come to an end, it is time to make numbers, and the attendance this year has grown to 18,250 compared to the 17,000 professionals who attended last year.

Next year’s event will return to the Moscone Convention Center next year starting on February 28th till March 4th 2011. Event director Meggan Scavio commented on this year’s edition:
"Even through hailstorms and turbulent business times, the passion, experience and sheer dedication of the gaming community really showed through this week, to make for an incredible conference.”

"I'm proud to see the games industry reinvigorated by the new platforms, inspiring ideas and fresh business models showcased at GDC 2010, and I hope attendees take the lessons that they learned from the event to create tomorrow’s amazing titles."
But before GDC America starts, we get the European GDC in August.

Source: GI

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