Monday, 22 March 2010

GameStop Don't Fear EA's 'DLC For New' Strategy

GameStop CEO Dan DeMatteo doesn't believe EA's new strategy of free DLC to owners of new games will deter those from picking up titles second hand:
“Through our years in the used business, we have learned that the second-hand user is a value-oriented consumer… we don’t believe that a $10 add-on piece of DLC is compelling to a used game buyer."

“Publishers can participate in our used business by offering add-on content for the most popular used titles, creating a win-win situation for publishers, retailers and consumers."

“We can market and execute DLC sales right in-store. There’s a tremendous opportunity for us to encourage software developers and publishers to create DLC because we’ll be able to market it. It’s very difficult to discover, find… add-on content with the tools available [currently].”

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