Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Facebook Closes Australian Pro R18+ Games Rating Group

Grow Up Australia is/was a Facebook group that managed to rally 37,000 members, and collaborated with retailer EB Games on pushing users to participate on the recent Public Consultation to up to 16,000 members.

Well, Facebook has closed the group due to infringements of the terms of use. More precisely, the site can "stop providing all or part of Facebook" if it finds content that is "hateful, threatening, pornographic, or that contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence." The organizers of the group have reacted quickly creating a temporary group with the same name that allows no comments and has wall posted in its old group page a temporary place holder while they attempt to contact Facebook to resolve the situation. Grow Up Founder Aaron J Percival has commented about the course of action:
"While an R18+ for computer games may be considered a controversial issue, we don't believe that any of the content provided by the Administrators of the group in question could be deemed to violate the Terms of Use. Very rarely, an inappropriate comment would be posted by one of the members, however the administrators have always been vigilant in moderating the group and removing the inappropriate posts."
Hopefully, all will be settled and the group will be readmitted.

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