Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Elemental Masters Now Available Exclusively On DSiWare

German game developer, lbxgames, has announced the release of Elemental Masters for Nintendo DSi. The highly anticipated fantasy card game will be released exclusively on Nintendo DSiWare, and can be downloaded for 800 Nintendo points. Fabian Thiele, CEO of lbxgames commented:
”Elemental Masters is a Nintendo DSiWare premiere for US. Fantasy fans will really enjoy this game which is a perfect addition to Nintendo’s innovative download service. Normally DSiWare games provide just a short amount of gameplay time. We, on the other hand, want to set a new standard with Elemental Masters and keep players entertained for hours.”
In Elemental Masters, Nintendo DSi players have to stand their ground in a quest filled with magic and adventure. The game provides players with a thrilling combination of strategy and role-playing. Players will be able choose one of three characters, build up their army card deck and fight the mystical creatures of Elendior on a 3x3 play field with different elements.

Throughout their adventure, players can capture the monsters of their enemy and support their attacks by using arcane spells as well as the rules of dark magic. Dive into the captivating story in the quest mode or duel with your friends in multiplayer. Elemental Masters provides more than ten hours of gameplay and over 100 creatures in over 15 maps.

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