Thursday, 18 March 2010

EA Looks At Digital distribution For The Future, But Present Is Retail

The digital download market has been one of the growing markets in games these last years. No one can doubt that it will probably be the dominant media for the future, but as for now, most gamers still enjoy the satisfaction of having a retail copy.

The main influx of digital products have come via the DLC packages which basically enhance the basic experience of the game. John Schappert, Chief Operations Officer at Electronic Arts, told an audience at GDC:
“What I think we're seeing is an influx of DLC as an extension of these games [...] but it all starts with a shiny disc.”

“Publishers need to be thinking of a long-term relationship with their consumers. I think the days of ship it and forget it are behind us now.”
A recent study showed that PC users are more into Digital distribution than the mainly retail based console users, though slowly we are seeing it spread to all media and most users are commencing to accept the positive side of a digital version of their favourite games.

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