Thursday, 4 March 2010

Depth Analysis Announces MotionScan Tech

Depth Analysis, a Sydney-based technology company, has made public its new technology MotionScan. Unlike anything currently in the market, MotionScan uses 32 High Definition cameras to capture true-to-life three-dimensional performances at up to 30 frames per second. Capable of capturing up to 50 minutes of final footage and processing up to 20 minutes of facial animation automatically per day, the technology revolutionizes traditional motion-capture and post-production animation.

MotionScan records every emotional detail, mannerism, and facial nuance accurately frame by frame as 3D models. No markers or phosphorescent paint needs to be applied to the actors at the time of recording, and no manpower is required to clean up data and animate the finer details by hand after the shoot. For directors and cinematographers, an additional advantage of MotionScan is the ability to view an actor’s performance from any angle and re-light in any way from one take without the need for multiple camera and lighting setups that quickly drain production time and budgets.

Depth Analysis hopes to redefine audience expectations of what is possible in a video game, at the cinema and at home by opening up new possibilities to established and future film and game studios.

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