Thursday, 18 March 2010

Demon Souls Passes 250,000 Unit Sales In The US

Atlus financial reports have numbered at 250,000 the total of Demon Souls games sold in the US. Despite the unanimous critical acclaim, sales haven’t been excellent (although it did give quite a boost to sales, which were initially 15,000), but Atlus initial expectations seemed low enough to consider the title an overachiever. Even more, Atlus last 6 months have closed with a 236.1% profit.

The PS3 exclusive was published in Japan by Sony, but they didn’t dare to export the title since they believed it wouldn’t work. Lately, Sony Computer Entertainment VP of international software Yeonkyung Kim, commented on their mistake of not betting more hardly on this game.

They could certainly redeem themselves by publishing it in Europe… so do it already!

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