Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Dead Space 2 Will Be A Horror... But With A Little Extra Spice

In PAX east, Executive producer Steve Papoutsis, producer Rich Briggs and art director Ian Milham, splashed some new info in an interview on the expected sequel to Dead Space. When asked about previous info that it was going to be more action oriented they said:
"Listening to what gamers think about the game, one thing that we heard over and over again was "hey, we love the horror elements of Dead Space, those were great, but we also want a release point," a point where you can feel like a bad-ass and kick a little bit of ass. I think the way that Rich has been explaining it and we've all been explaining it, if you think about a rollercoaster ride or a sine wave, there's going to be moments where we're building the tension, we're building to a moment and there's a climax and then there's a release, where you can get your bearings, kick ass a little bit and then it's right back into the tension. We're sprinkling these moments throughout the game that are going to make the player feel very empowered -- [they're] epic.”
The first Dead Space was an over the top horror game that kept players on edge continuously, Dead Space 2 will feature a more experienced Isaac Clarke that will be capable of much more this time around:
“You can have a high-octane moment that's also very, very scary. We're looking at a lot of different, sophisticated ways to bring both the action, the terror, and the horror together.”
Read the whole interview here.

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