Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Counter Strike Cheater Gets A Knife Through The Head

The incident took place in a net café in Jilin, China where a 17 year old boy was playing Counter Strike with aid of a cheat (“wallhack”) to which some fellow PC gamers caught on to and did not take kindly to.

After a fight between the youths the accused hacker was left with a 30cm knife in his head. Astonishingly however, after being rushed to hospital and straight into surgery, the boy survived with doctors explaining that the knife had fortunately managed to avoid all major arteries and didn’t even impair his motor control.

Well this certainly doesn’t bode well for the whole ‘video games don’t encourage violence’ ethos. Then again, these are Counter Strikers we’re talking about; they’re often of a different breed.

Source: CVG (Should have purchased Kevlar and Helmet - Ed)

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