Thursday, 25 March 2010

Cage: There Is A Mature Gaming Market

David Cage, CEO of Quantic Dream, has expressed confidence in a mature gaming market. Cage spoke to the Guardian newspaper about how he wanted to ensure that Heavy Rain would have an audience of itself, or genre if you will.
"I never doubted that there was an audience for more mature content."

"I feared that few people would give the game a chance. We spent two years before release talking about the game, evangelising, explaining why it was a unique experience, and it seems that this work generated enough attention to generate strong sales."

"Few people (including me) would have predicted that the game would be number one on all platforms both in Europe and in the US, knowing it was a new franchise based on a new genre."
Cage was also pleasantly surprised with the positive response from the mainstream media, a response he expected to be more negative and dismissive:
"More surprisingly, the feedback from the mainstream press has been equally positive[in comparison with the high review scores in the gaming press], if not even better."

"Some media used to talk about video games only to say how violent or addictive they could be. With Heavy Rain, they talked about the story of the game and the emotions they felt while playing."

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