Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Brits Spend Almost £200 Million Annually On MMO’s

A recent report has revealed that Britons spent £195 million in 2009 on massive multiplayer online games (MMO’s) such as World of Warcraft and Runescape.

Today's Gamers MMO Focus Report, as the research was called, was conducted by TNS and and found that 1.5 million Brits spend £10.50 on average per month playing MMO’s.

This is quite a large difference compared to gamers in Germany and France who spend £165m and £145m respectively on theirs.

This is dwarfed however by the colossal $3.8 billion spent in the US, over three times what Britons spend per head.

Tim Ingham, editor at UK videogames magazine, CVG commented:
"Okay, so this doesn't paint a picture of us as the globe's sexiest nation, but look on the bright side - at least, for once, we're top of a European league table that doesn't feature binge drinking, obesity or teenage pregnancy."
Deserves a drink that then eh? Oh, wait…

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