Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Bodycount Details Getting ‘Black’ Fans Excited

Information which has been leaked by OXM readers who have received their subscription copies early (due to go on sale tomorrow) have revealed some information on Bodycount which is getting fans of another Codemasters production, ‘Black’, quite excited.

Codemasters has claimed that Bodycount will "rip apart" the FPS genre with gun-play that "comes alive in an orgy of bullets and destruction." Tantalising! Stuart Black, the creative director on Bodycount, commented:
"We're all massive FPS fans and believe that there's room for a refresh of the shooter experience. If Race Driver: GRID was all about the purity of racing, then everything in Bodycount is absolutely centred on the bullet and its impact on the world."
The environment destructive technology they’re working with is allowing the developers to create a very new kind of experience with this genre; enemies he said will not be able to "rely on whack-a-mole mechanics".

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