Monday, 8 March 2010

Blockbuster Could Be Cutting Down On UK Stores

Blockbuster may be cutting down on the number of stores it runs and maintains in the UK. The news coincides with a SEC filing by the retailer back in September last year.

The measures (if taken) are mainly targeting renegotiation of rent costs for their stores with the view to agreeing a suitable arrangement for Blockbuster and their landlords, otherwise some of their stores could be seeing closure. The company stated:
“Here in the US we launched a store optimisation plan in September last year, and we announced that we could potentially close 960 stores. That said, we are also deploying 10,000 kiosks, which is like a little Blockbuster store in a box.”
It would be sad if Blockbuster had to downsize as it is always nice to see a rental service exist on the high street rather than through the many online options that businesses currently offer.

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