Monday, 8 March 2010

Analysts Predict GTA 5 Announcement Before E3

Janco Partners analyst, Mike Hickey has weighed in on a Grand Theft Auto 5 announcement before E3 in June this year:
“GTA is one of those franchises that's so huge that Rockstar doesn't even need to do it at E3; Rockstar and Take-Two could hold their own event and announce the title in the days leading right up to E3, when many publishers often do hold separate press events."

“We think the next iteration of GTA for console can significantly outsell its predecessor, reflecting on the sales acceleration of the prior cycle GTA console iterations, an accelerating core gamer installed base (with an emphasis on PS3 installed expansion where GTA has historically dominated relatively), and the most talented / motivated development team in the world, in our view.”
It will be interesting if his prediction turns out correct and he is pretty much on the ball with the thought that GTA is so big that it will be a big announcement whether associate with E3 or not. Stay tuned.

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