Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Xbox 360 Is The Right Environment For Alan Wake Say Remedy

Ouch, how painful... now that Alan Wake will eventually see a release in May, and now confirmed it's no longer coming to the PC, even after all those tech demos, Remedy studio MD Matias Myllyrinne, speaking alongside writer Sam Lake and head of franchise development Oskari Hakkinen have said the Xbox 360 is the right environment for the title:
“Our roots are very much in the PC development but focusing on one platform has allowed us to make the best possible game, so in that respect we’re very happy focusing on one platform. Right now, getting this out the door and done."

“We don’t have any plans for a PC version now."

“At least for me, this feels like a very good environment to play the game where you have the big screen and couch for something so cinematic and large. But that’s just my personal preference.”
We were dying for this title, back in 2005. It looked great. Now it looks a bit shit if we're honest. Time hasn't done it justice. We hope to God it proves us wrong when it releases on May 18th in the US and May 21st in the UK.

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