Monday, 22 February 2010

Visceral Releasing No More Than One Title A Year

Visceral Games general manager, Nick Earl has said the studio will only release one title per year, and that's plenty:
“What I’ve learned being general manager of the studio for the past nine years is you can overload a studio, and conversely, you can do extremely well financially, and at the end of the day, we need to be able to do that to continue to attract investment and be able to do the sort of creative endeavours we want."

“I know it sounds kind of trite, but we really believe that. We’ve really taken that on board here. What we put out, we want to put out at the absolute highest quality mark. We don’t need to do three of those a year. One is plenty, if we continue to drive that kind of quality here.”
Earl also said gamers can look forward to some Xbox Live and PlayStation Network offerings this year too:
“Just like the packaged goods space and the big AAA space, it comes down to quality and innovation and being able to bring something that’s interesting to the gamer."

“But yes, absolutely. I think we’ll have some interesting offerings over this year and next that show our confidence in the space.”

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