Thursday, 18 February 2010

THQ Will Have Motion Control Based Titles To Show Off At E3

THQ CEO Brian Farrell has confirmed the publisher will have a few motion control based titles to show off at E3 this year:
“Like most platforms, you want to be there at launch, but not over-invest because you want to have enough."

“We’ll be showing a couple things at E3 and we’ll unveil them there. But it’s consistent with how we normally support hardware. Some at the beginning and then watching consumer acceptance we’ll either ramp up or normalize depending on how quickly the ramp goes."

“The thing about all of these — specifically Natal and the motion controller — is that it seems to us like Microsoft and Sony are kind of going backward in the console cycle, if you will. And I don’t mean that in a negative way at all, I mean it in the positive."

“Both Microsoft and Sony have the core gamer and they’re going to go more mass, right? So from a developer’s standpoint, the high-end developers just want to work on the next greatest thing. These are really interesting. Natal is a lot of fun to develop for. I’ve been a little closer to that than the Sony motion controller because we have a studio near the airport that’s developing it."

“It’s a very interesting platform. I think it will attract more mass market. Is it going to be a great control mechanism for the next Red Faction shooter? Nah.”
Fun times, lets hope it's not utter shite.

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