Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sony Registers MotorStorm3.com Domain But Denies Title Exists

Sony are terrible at keeping secrets, but it's always hilarious finding out what they're up to and seeing them try to cover it up. A WHOIS domain registration for MotorStorm3.com has been filed by the company suggesting none other than a third title coming to the PS3.

In an effort to throw you ravenous dogs off the scent, Sony released a statement saying just because they registered the domain, doesn't mean it's happening:
“It’s not uncommon for us to secure the URLs containing the names of our successful IP, and those actions should not be interpreted as an announcement of a new title in a franchise."
Fair enough. I'm gonna register motorstorm3revealcomingate3thisyear.com - but don't take that as gospel folks...

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