Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sony Claim Exclusivity Deals Are Fading Away

Sony believes exclusive titles are becoming less the norm in the recent games market. Senior VP of publisher relations Rob Dyer commented:
“We're not going to get the exclusive games – the Mass Effects, Gears of Wars and Left 4 Deads aren't going to happen nearly as often."

"The consumer is starting to understand that – there's a lot of cross-ownership between PS3 and 360, and so we're now trying to differentiate that and give that consumer a reason to buy the PS3 version instead of the 360 version."
Seems that Sony are admitting what gamers have been feeling and developers have certainly been practising these last couple of years now. Plus it will ease the pressure on young kids to have to own more than one games machine when their family may only be able to afford one.

(Thanks Patrick)

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