Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sequels - A Potential Double-Edged Sword For Developers

IBIS director Tim Merel believes sequels in successful franchises aren't always a cash generating no brainer, stating big risks and investments are involved:
"The major franchises are attracting increasing amounts of investment and generating increasing returns, but this doesn't come without risk. The gaming equivalent of Eddie Murphy's Pluto Nash ($100m cost, $4.4m revenue) is what scares the money men, so the risks of launching new franchises or making a mess of existing franchises becomes enormous."

"The concern is that this end of the industry goes the same way as Hollywood, with accountants and lawyers running the show and the creatives and techs being managed like execution monkeys. Hopefully the majors are smart enough not to let this happen."
It goes without saying that developers want to build on the success of a new franchise and some of the best developers (such as Capcom) are renowned for putting out multiple sequels. However, there is always that fine line between giving the customers what they want and stifling new game experiences.

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