Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Ross Gives Away Details On Natal

The soon to be ex-BBC presenter, Jonathan Ross, has given away some Natal info on his Twitter account which around half a million users follow.

Ross said that the device was "impressive" but that it wasn’t quite there just yet. What he also revealed, was a release date which was a few months earlier than what Microsoft have been saying, he mentioned an October release date but Microsoft’s official line remains the same in response to this utterance:
“There have been no further announcements on the release date of Project Natal – it remains scheduled for Christmas 2010.”
If Ross signed a "Non Disclosure Agreement" he certainly didn’t honour it. There has even been a video posted on YouTube (watch after the jump) by his son of Ross playing with Natal on a 103" screen, hard to make out what’s going on because of the glare however.

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