Thursday, 18 February 2010

Richard Garriot Returns To Videogames

An old legend of videogames returns to the medium which made him great. Richard Garriot has founded his own Social Media Company named Portalarium joining up with Dallas Snell and Fred Schmidt who have both worked previously with Garriot as executives in Origin Systems, Electronic Arts and NCSoft.

For now they will be dedicating to web based MMO plug-ins and they already have their first product which consists in a web browser plug-in that permits games developed on a variety of game engines and technologies to work on all major social networks. Garriot commented vigorously:
“The Portalarium mission is exactly what I want to be doing next in games. This really takes me back to my roots in the game business – small development teams, low barriers to entry, affordable budgets for quality projects, and unlimited new interactive frontiers to explore together with our customers.”
Garriot has participated in all the Ultima games and, more recently, in Tabula Rasa and for now his return won’t be getting us any AAA titles. We can hope though…

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