Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Retailers Have Lost Faith In PC Games

Imagine Publishing (publishers of Total PC Gaming) has seen a sharp decline in magazine sales and believe that retailers have pretty much given up on PC games. Managing Director Damian Butt commented:
“I’m looking at Total PC Gaming at the moment, because although it’s a profitable magazine for Imagine, it’s future potential is limited because retailers and magazine stockists have lost faith with the PC games sector entirely."

“We have had fantastic support from our advertisers on Total PC Gaming, and outperformed our expectations, but I would much rather have a talented team working on a magazine where there is a greater future upside, such as our new launch How it Works, because it takes as much effort to make a magazine that generates a good profit as one that makes very little.”
Imagine Publishing is not the only group who have suffered this decline; Future Publishing's PC magazine sales have also dropped and this is in a market that still has quite strong magazine sales (UK). The Internet is the most likely culprit for these drops in sales but it could also mean that PC gaming is being phased out as many suspect.

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