Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Red Steel 2 Will Remain Wii Exclusive

Bad news for owners of an Xbox 360 or PS3, you won't be getting Red Steel 2 on your platforms this year. Creative director Jason Vandenberghe has confirmed that Red Steel 2 is going to be a Wii-Exclusive title, despite the fact that motion-controls will be available on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 systems this year.

When questioned if the developer would port the game to other platforms to use Natal and Arc, Vandenberghe commented:
"I mean, I would love to get hold of the Natal team and talk to them about it. Maybe I'm wrong, I could be completely wrong about this, but for me in first-person action games, you need an [analogue] stick. I need clear, accurate input – I don't want to be using one hand to pretend to be my feet. I want to use both my hands for input. Maybe in ten years we'll be used to it; today I want a stick. So I hope with Natal there will be an option to hold a controller, or to use a one-handed controller of some kind that will allow me to have that analogue stick and then do the motion."

"If I hand an analogue stick, and then a [sword-like] stick in my hand, yeah, we could do something like this experience. Now, Red Steel 2 is a Wii exclusive and we're not going anywhere with it. This is going to stay Wii exclusive."
When asked if future Red Steel titles could be brought to other platforms, Mr. Vandenberghe said he would be "thrilled at the opportunity".

Red Steel 2 is scheduled for release on March 26th, 2010. Check out the latest trailer for the game, here.

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