Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Rebellion Respond To Aliens Vs Predator Demo Criticism

The Alien Vs Predator demo received some flak from gamers due to its restriction of play modes; players were only able to try out the death match mode which many considered inadequate at exhibiting the games more strategic elements. Jason Kingsley, CEO and co-founder of Rebellion said in response:
“We chose Deathmatch as the mode for the demo as it's very familiar to all FPS gamers and minimizes restrictions on players while they are getting to grips with the controls of each of the three playable species."

"We have plenty of new modes in the game and players only have to wait a matter of days before they can play them when the game launches."
Really? Sure you’re not just holding out on gamers? How long does it take to familiarise yourself with controls, it’s just a game after all.

A bug-free version of the demo is now available with more game creation options.

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