Thursday, 18 February 2010

'The Passing' DLC For Left 4 Dead Arrives Next Month

Left 4 dead 2’s first downloadable content is coming soon, and you’ll be meeting some familiar old faces. The original survivors will be making a welcome return and I’m sure Ellis will have some story involving his buddy Keith to amuse them with.

It’ll be a whole new campaign that takes place between “Dead Center” and “Dark Carnival” with a new un-common infected called the “Fallen Survivor” who will be a well equipped zombie that may drop items the player can use.

Shortly after the release of “The Passing” a new campaign for the original Left 4 Dead will be released which will detail the events before “The Passing” and how the original four became involved in the campaign.

“The Passing” downloadable content will be released at some point in March.

(Thanks Adam)

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