Monday, 15 February 2010

Old Nintendo System And Game Sells For Over $13,000

An eBay listing of the old Nintendo system and a few games was on the site for a very modest asking price of $9.99 (the seller had no idea just how modest that price was) and reached a final buying price of $13,105.

A mum who was looking to make a few bucks out of the old NES did not realise that one of the games was a massively rare game - Stadium Events which was in its original box.

Apparently there were under 2,000 copies of the game made. Only 10 are known to actually exist in the world. An incredibly bidding war was soon instigated and culminated at a buying price of $13,105.

Bet that’s the easiest 13k she’s ever made. Good job she never had a “buy it now” price!

Source: HotBloodedGaming

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