Monday, 22 February 2010

'No Point' Making Realistic Wii Games

Red Steel 2’s Creative Director, Jason Vandenberghe explains the pointlessness of creating realistic Wii games:
"I don't see the point in trying to do too much realism on the Wii."
It is futile to try and compete on the same level as more powerful consoles when making Wii games he said.
"Why compete with the Xbox 360? The Conduit is a great example. Talk about an incredible piece of technology. Those guys did an amazing job of modernizing the Wii engine."
Vandenberghe basically highlighted the issue that when players look at Wii games that have tried to be realistic, they will compare it more heavily with other consoles and think that they aren’t as good as a "baseline game on Xbox 360".
"It's got to be frustrating for [High Voltage],"
He added.
"Gamers will see the flaws, not your work. They're not going to see all the effort you put in. Any developers working on the Wii, I recommend you stylise the look because it helps. I think it looks cool anyway."

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