Monday, 22 February 2010

Molyneux Details Fable 3

Fable III Screenshot Fable III Screenshot Fable III Screenshot

Renowned game designer Peter Molyneux gave a presentation during the recent X10 event in San Francisco where he broke the new Fable game down and shared his plans for the title.
"Fable III is all about power."

"We want you to feel power in a way you haven't before in a game."
Story, emotion and customization are the three pillars that will remain tantamount to the games development explained Molyneux. The game is both about the hero’s journey as well as what it is like to rule a kingdom.

There will be even more focus on characterisation, i.e. how you interact with A.I.’s and as a result, what type of person you become. There are thousands of bits of dialogue and facial expressions; this mixed with more fluid animation will provide an incredibly immersive game.

Players will feel more "emotionally engaged," asserted Molyneux, "more so than any other gaming experience – that's our goal."

A thing called ‘touch’ is one of the new game mechanics that will see a lot of interaction centred around it. With touch sensitive controller use players can physically interact in a different way. Consider this: your walking along when a homeless person starts begging from you, depending on how you press a button which is assigned a sensitivity range your character could heartlessly push the man away whilst a gentle press could see you take his hand and take him to get some food. But of course where you take him is up to you, you might decide to lead him to a factory, which you promised to close down, and sell him as a slave worker. None of you lovely people would consider that option though would you?

The combat system has had an overhaul as well but not only that, the weapons in this game promise to offer some great customisation as players can craft their own weapons. As well as body morphing from your actions (wield heavy weapons, get a bulky character) the weapon will take on certain characteristics also depending on your actions:
"The weapon shape, size and texture will be dictated by what you kill, how many kills and who you kill."
Explains Molyneux,
"Wielding thousands of unique weapon combinations. For example, your axe might drip blood if you choose to kill many innocents, and will change its shape based on how you use it (even the animation is subject to your decisions).”
You will be able to see other players’ weapons over Xbox Live and will even be able to trade with others.

Just as in Fable II, you can invite other players in for some co-op campaign, however this time the invitee will play as the character from their own game, even the dog will come with them. “[T]here will be a lot of butt sniffing in the game” joked Molyneux.

Adopting a more popular method for telling you when you are low on health, Fable III will use the environment to tell you when to make a tactical withdrawal. Additionally players won’t see themselves levelling up either. Again, the environment will give you an idea of such progress.
"Do you feel powerful when you're taken out of the game and thrown into a 2D menu?"
The rhetorical question suggests that this game will be all about the immersion so expect an interesting variation on the HUD you’re used to.

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