Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Misadventures Of P.B. Winterbottom Out Now

The latest original Xbox Live Arcade game is an ingenious platform puzzler where you control the titular character in his never-ending greed filled goal of eating all the pies in the world. But along your way to achieve this, you break time. Cue special game mechanic!

Using clone copies of yourself you can be in two, three, four or more places at once enabling you to reach those hard to get pies. This isn’t the first game on Xbox Live Arcade of the puzzler platform variety, last year we were treated to “Braid” which had several different time based game mechanics, but Winterbottom’s Victorian poem narrative and artistic style separates it far enough from “Braid” to warrant a purchase.

For 800 Microsoft Points you get a slew of levels ranging from easy to fiendishly deceptive, requiring several attempts before you work out the best way to achieve your goal. Add to this a range of bonus levels not related to the story and you’ve got a decent sized puzzler at a decent price.

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