Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Microsoft Will be Careful Concerning Titles On Project Natal

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has commented on the company's approach to Project Natal concerning titles, revealing they'll be “very careful” when it comes to releasing games on the format:
“We are going to be very careful in the way we think about our portfolio for Project Natal. One of the things that people have to realize, is that we could have done a motion controller [in the beginning] – but Project Natal actually makes all that technology disappear because it can see you, it can hear you, it can track all the points on your body."

“So now we have an entirely new way, where you are the controller. So this new category of controller free games category is going to bring about all types of new experiences that have never existed before."

“We want the first impression to be a great one, so we are not going to dump products on it just because we can. We are going to be very thoughtful about what we bring to market."

“Natal is one of those things where seeing is not believing. This is something that is really unique and special. It’s part of the reason why [magazines] like Time, Popular Science, and Popular Mechanics called it one of the top inventions of the year”.

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