Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Microsoft Looking For Someone New To Work On Core Natal Title

A recent job listing posted at Microsoft reveals the company is looking for a a Senior Level Designer to work on a 'Core' title for something Project Natal related. The listing also mentioned the as yet unknown title was part of a large franchise... Tantalising, here's the bulk of the listing:
MGS is looking for a talented, motivated and experienced Sr. Level Designer who can create innovative game-play solutions for a large franchise.

'The Sr. Level Designer is expected to implement major gameplay features to high quality, focusing on creating and implementing level designs. Qualified individuals are expected to be organized, with excellent communication skills, both verbally and written, and have a proven track record in AAA game design.

'Must have a clear understanding and experience creating mission/environment design, look and feel, AI, combat, strategy, game-flow, and balance. We want somebody who can put forth ideas without fear, and build off other people's zany creations.

'Candidates who find fault with other people's brainstorms to prove how smart they are need not apply. Candidates must have passion for a broad range of game experiences, and be well versed in market trends and styles. While years of experience are a definite plus, positive creative energy and a wealth of genius ideas is a must. This is a rare opportunity to join a seasoned, creatively driven team on an exciting next-generation project.'
See the full thing here. My oh my, what could it be...?

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