Friday, 19 February 2010

Kratos Was Nearly A Little Elf Man

Hard to believe, but muscle-bound warlord Kratos from God of War was almost a little elf character reveals lead environmental artist Ken Feldman, who worked on the first title in the franchise:
“I think it took us a year-and-a-half to come up with Kratos. That was the most difficult thing. Everything had to be based around this character – the story, the weapons. The first guy we came up with was a little elf character, he was hysterical. His animations looked like Disney.”

“I wanted to make a game that really spoke to my passion for action-adventure movies,” he added. “My love of Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Greek Myths – specifically the Harryhausen stuff like Jason And The Argonauts, Clash Of The Titans – and my love of games like Adventure on the Atari 2600, and Devil May Cry and ICO, and kind of mashing that into one thing.”

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