Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Games Software To Be Worth $64.9 Billion By 2013

That is if the world doesn’t end in 2012 right?

Research group Strategy Analytics predict a 28% increase in the global market value for games in next three years which will take it to a staggering $64.9bn (£42bn).

Surprisingly the report, entitled ‘Global Video Game Market Forecast’, predicts that there will be an increased market for physical boxed products, as well as increased purchasing of digital content online.

The most dramatic of growths is forecast to occur within the digital sector which is expected to account for 38% of video games’ sales by 2013 which equates to $24.8bn (£16.05bn). Strategy Analytics Martin Olausson commented:
“Strategy Analytics predicts more revenue growth from online sources instead of from traditional physical game sales as broadband adoption continues, which is similar to other media sectors."

“More gaming devices and games are being connected online and new online revenue models are appearing on the market.”
Pacific Crest Securities analyst Evan Wilson recently predicted a good year for games in 2010.

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