Tuesday, 16 February 2010

EA: “EA Partners Programs Is A High Priority”

David DeMartini, EA Partners general manager, said in an interview that, although for 2010 there are lower benefit estimates for EA’s 3rd party publishing program, the EA Partners program is “a critical business unit” for EA.

In addition to the retail Valve titles (mainly Left 4 Dead series and The Orange Box) and all of the Rock Band games to date, EA Partners has handled distribution and/or publishing for Crytek's Crysis games, Flagship's Hellgate: London, Realtime Worlds' upcoming APB, and still-untitled games from Grasshopper Manufacture and Epic's People Can Fly studio. DeMartini stated:
"Over the past three years, with the great products that have come from Valve and the fantastic products that have come from Harmonix via Viacom, the distribution side of our business has been extraordinarily robust -- probably once-in-a-lifetime robust."
What is true is that EA general opinion from both companies and users has improved, and a lot of that thanks to the EA Partner’s program.

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