Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Developers Not Eager For Next-Gen Machine Yet

Alan Wake developer Remedy has remarked that games developers are happy with the current machines they are working on and are in no rush to move forward any time soon. Managing director Matias Myllyrine commented:
"I think all the developers out there - or most of us at least - we're absolutely in no hurry to move onto a new console cycle. There are still things that we can do with the current generation of hardware for the 360 and PlayStation 3."

"We have a healthy installed base, and gamers have gotten a lot of the services that they wanted from stuff like Live and so forth. I don't think a leap is called for - especially with Natal and the other devices coming out, hopefully that will extend the life cycle."
It’s nice to know we probably won’t be forced to upgrade our games consoles any time soon.

(Thanks Patrick)

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